'Sensitive' Indo-Pak border after the J&K fork due to high infiltration attempts: BSF DG

NEW DELHI: The government’s decision to fork the former state has made the Control Line (LoC) in Kashmir and the international border along Jammu and Punjab very sensitive, as terrorists are making continuous efforts to infiltrate in India, a senior BSF officer. He said Sunday.

Chief V K Johri, during his speech on the occasion of the 55th day of forcelifting here, said his troops have declared to guarantee the sanctity of borders, specifically the border between India and Pakistan, at all costs.

The LoC in Kashmir and the international border along Pakistan in Jammu and Punjab have become very sensitive due to recent administrative decisions, Johri said referring to the fork of Jammu and Kashmir after the repeal of.

Anti-Indian forces are continually trying to infiltrate (across borders) ... we assure the country that the BSF will thwart all such offers, DG said.

He said the force has expanded its strategic capabilities by including new technologies and weapons.

The Union government repealed article 370 of the Constitution that granted special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir on August 5 and the new forked territories of the Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh Union came into existence on October 31.

While the BSF guards the LoC over 700 km long under the army's operational command, it also protects 2,289 km of the international border with Pakistan that extends along Jammu, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

The BSF of about 2.5 lakh of strong personnel was raised on this day in 1965 and is primarily responsible for protecting the borders of India and Pakistan, in addition to playing a variety of roles in the domain of internal security.