Amid the rumors of groupalism of Madhya Pradesh, Kamal Nath-Scindia takes a helicopter ride.

BHOPAL: Congressional leaders were pleasantly surprised after the prime minister Kamal Nath and former parliamentarian Jyotiraditya went to a wedding together in a helicopter, amid reports of party factions that faced them on opposite sides.

Scindia, who lost the strength of the Guna family in him, has been the target of rumors that he is not happy at the party, although the same descendant of the Gwalior royal family has put them aside several times.

According to party sources, Scindia, who would move by road from Gwalior on Saturday to attend a wedding in the family of Parliament Minister Banwari Sharma, phoned Nath and then decided to go to the place in a helicopter with the CM.

The two returned to Gwalior on the same plane, they said.

The thaw, as some pleasantly surprised local leaders have called the incident, is good news for the Parliament Congress, since only two days ago, a party that MLA had claimed would be the first to join any new team presented by Scindia .

However, Pohri's MLA, Suresh Rathkheda, was quick to add that there was no possibility that Scindia would leave Congress to form a new party.