Bangalore: Relief for users of the Green Line subway; two trains more than six wagons since Monday

BENGALURU: Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has decided to induce two more than six train cars on the Green Line (Nagasandra to Yelachenahalli) starting Monday.

In addition to two other 6-car trains, the total number of such trains on the Green Line will be eight. The 20 Purple Line trains (Mysuru Road to Byappanahalli) have six trainers.

“Of 23 trains on the Green Line, eight trains would become six-car trains starting tomorrow. The Purple Line is shorter than the Green Line, and therefore has fewer trains, said BMRCL managing director Ajay Seth.

However, the 18.2 km Purple Line has a greater number of users than the 24.2 km Green Line.

Seth says that two trains on the Green Line are kept as a reserve and five are in the process of updating three trainers to six. “With eight trains on the Green Line that have six cars, congestion during peak hours will be relieved. BMRCL will soon launch the six-car train schedule. Four other six-car trains are likely to enter the Green Line in December; with that induction, each alternative train on that line becomes a train of six trainers, ”he added.

Passengers traveling on the Green Line have been struggling due to the delay in the conversion of trains from three existing trainers to six trainers, since most trains are full during peak hours. BMRCL set the deadline for March 2020 to convert the 50 trains of three cars into six cars. Previously, the deadline was September 2019.

In September, BMRCL in a statement stated: In order to increase the frequency of 6-car trains on the Green Line with more induction, there have been limitations on the local capacity to receive substations that have since been addressed and since 1 From October 2019 onwards BMRCL is committed to inducing more 6-car train games on the Green Line at a rate of three to four 6-car train games per month and our goal is to complete the commission of 50 train games by March of 2020.

In March 2017, Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) received a contract of Rs 1,421 crore from BMRCL to supply 150 intermediate Metro buses. BEML was supposed to supply six to nine cars a month from June and deliver the 150 cars in December 2019.

Each six-car train can carry up to 2,002 passengers compared to the maximum capacity of 975 on three-car trains. The coach behind the cockpit of the crazy pilot is reserved for women. The average daily passenger of Namma Metro is 4.50 lakh.