Class XI girl raped in group by 6 men on her birthday in Tamil Nadu

COIMBATORE: An XI class student who was celebrating her 17th birthday together with her boyfriend in a park was raped as a group on November 26. The band members also recorded the act. City police arrested four of the defendants on Friday a few hours after their mother filed a complaint. A special team has been formed to catch the other two defendants.

According to the police, the girl's boyfriend had taken her to the park around 8 pm a day. “While they were about to return around 9 pm, the two were assaulted by the six-member gang. They assaulted the girl's boyfriend, dragged him to an isolated place near the park, undressed him and filmed him. Then they raped the girl in front of him in group and also videotaped her, ”said a research officer.

Later, the gang members let them go. Police said the girl spent the night in the child's house. He returned home the next night and told his mother about the incident. Subsequently, the girl, along with her mother, filed a complaint with the RS Puram women's police the following Friday, after which a case was filed against the six under sections 5 (u), 6, 9 ( g), 10, 13, 14 and 17 of the Pocso Law and sections 354 and 506 (ii) of the CIP.

Two on the run are the main defendants

Police inspector Prabhadevi and his team subsequently arrested T Rahul, 21, R Prakash, 22, S Karthikeyan, 28, and S Narayanamurthy, 30, all Seeranaickenpalayam residents, on Friday. They were produced before the district court of Mahila and sent into judicial custody in the. Police said they were trying to track the whereabouts of the two remaining defendants who, according to the complaint, were the main defendants in the case.

(The identity of the victim has not been revealed to protect their privacy according to the directives of the Supreme Court in cases related to sexual assault)