I have written the most obituaries for my career: Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi He says that the type of lobbying and the constant disempowerment he faced in his career is something for a revealing biography, where people have ruled it out again and again, but it has survived them all. The actor said he is a survivor by nature and that this positive mindset has kept him active all these years.

I've been that guy who probably holds the world record for the most obituaries written for his career. 'It's over, it's over, after this it's all over.' I keep laughing because I am a survivor by nature.

I had to face a great loss of power, pressure groups and many crazy things. Maybe one day, I will write a revealing biography! Vivek said.

The actor in his career of more than 15 years has realized that he can not give anyone the power to not discard it or put it on a pedestal.

I had to recover a lot and fight for my power. That is why today I do not give my power to anyone else to change my destiny. I don't expect that because a program is successful, it's all me. It is not, it is a collaborative effort. If it fails and you discard, who will believe in you, if you don't?

Vivek said he has built a career in 'getting advice and closing them', from his debut 'Company' to his latest series, 'Inside Edge'.

People thought that my father would produce a movie for me that would act as a show of how his son dances, wears designer clothes, romances. I remember that one of those scripts was written for me and I chose not to respect it. It was an Abbas-Mustan movie that my father was producing.

I got into 'Company' after a lot of fighting. When the movie became a success, people said to stay in action, but I did 'Saathiya'. People said, now adhere to romance but I did a 'Masti'. to play a supervillain in ' Krrish 'and people said' you're crazy. Hrithik is so contemporary, why would you do it? But I love being the disruptor, he added.

Vivek, 43, now seeks to empower every narrator who feels he needs support. One of them was Karan Anshuman, the creator of 'Inside Edge'.

With the power I had, I decided that I would empower and enable. Either Karan Anshuman, who people said it was coming from a failure movie, so be careful, but I believed in the guy. It kicks me, to be at the other end of things. I went through this, so I'll make sure others don't, he added.

'Inside Edge' is on the sports scene and deals with power, money, fame and mind games.

It stars Richa Chadha, Vivek Oberoi, Sayani Gupta, Angad Bedi, Sapna Pabbi among others. The second season of the show will debut on December 6.