Why was Rahul Bajaj fashionable on Twitter?

NEW DELHI: President of the Bajaj Group Rahul Bajaj On Saturday he said there is an atmosphere of fear, and people are afraid to criticize the government and do not have the confidence that the central government will appreciate any criticism.

In an event organized by the ministers of the Union. Amit Shah , and Piyush Goyal were present, Bajaj said: No one of our industrial friends will speak, I will say it openly ... We will have to create an environment ... When I was in power, we could criticize anyone ... You (the government) He's doing a good job, but despite that we don't have the confidence he will appreciate if we criticize him openly.

In response to Bajaj's comments, the Interior Minister said there was no need to fear and that if a certain type of atmosphere prevailed today, then we will have to make an effort to improve the atmosphere.

Shah said several media organizations continue to write against Modi and the current government. “But even then, if you say there is a certain type of atmosphere, we will have to make efforts to improve the atmosphere. But I would like to say that we shouldn't fear anyone ... No one wants to scare ... and we have done nothing to worry about any criticism ... The government has acted in the most transparent way, and we are not afraid of any kind opposition, and if someone criticizes, we will consider the merit of it and make efforts to improve ourselves, he added.

The video clip went viral on social media with some people praising Bajaj's comments while others criticized the industrialist.

BJP's IT cell chief Amit Malviya's also took to Twitter and said, Rahul Bajaj 's question to Home Minister Amit Shah, now being hailed as speaking truth to power, had an equally detailed response. Where is the fear if one can speak his mind ?

Reacting to Bajaj's comments, Congress leader Sanjay Jha said, There is Rahul Bajaj. And then there is the rest of the selfie taking, pusillanimous bunch of India Inc. singing paeans of a failed government. They don't make them like they used to.