Gulshan Grover: I initially rejected 'I Am Kalam' since his budget was equal to my fees

Speaking the first day of the Times LitFest Delhi, Gulshan Grover whose movie ' I am kalam '(2011) won multiple awards, he told the audience that he had initially decided not to make the film, but after hearing the story, he was so impressed that he not only changed his mind but decided to make the film for free.

Gulshan said, “When I was offered ' I am kalam ', I decided not to do the film because the budget of the entire film was equal to my fee. But when I heard the story, I was so impressed that I decided to do it for free. I have huge respect and love for the producers of the film, and Nila Madhab Panda , our director.

In response to a question about his inclination towards evil roles, Gulshan said: I have been offered the role of hero several times, but I always rejected them. I never wanted to be a hero. He added: When I arrived in the film industry (in the 80s), the actors did not want to change their appearance for a movie. They didn't even want to wear a fake mustache while playing the role of a police officer. I was the one who changed this by experimenting with my appearance, and now actors like Aamir Khan go through the process of changing your appearance so that the character looks real.

Speaking about the work he has done in foreign films, the actor said: “When I went to Hollywood, our films used to be screened at film festivals. They didn't know much about Bollywood , be it Amitabh Bachchan or Dilip Kumar movies, which has now changed.