Mumbai children participate in a Juniorthon

Sunday marked a day of fitness and fun in the Mumbai Junerthon occurred. It is said to be the race of children under 15 years of age in India, it was held early in the morning at MMRDA Grounds, BKC, Bandra and had the participation of about 4,000 in the event.

The goal was to raise awareness about childhood obesity


This year Junerthon supported the ‘right to education’ for underprivileged children. The run saw children from the age of 5 to teens of 15 years participate in the category-specific runs. The aim of the event was to highlight how physical inactivity is a major contributor to increasing levels of obesity and other serious medical conditions among children and adolescents across the globe. Several factors are responsible for this – a sedentary lifestyle, limited open spaces, lack of time, increasing use of indoor games and gadgets and lack of awareness among parents about the Physical Activity (AP) of their children.


Speaking on the inactive lifestyle amongst children, Bhavna Mehta, organiser and founder of the event, said “ Junerthon was designed specifically to ensure that children are encouraged to take up outdoor activities in a manner that combines physical and mental development while ensuring they enjoy the experience. Childhood obesity needs to be fought in their developmental years and platform such as ours help bring in behavior change not only in the children but also in the family as a whole. The strength within is a celebration of every child’s unique potential and at this 5th season of Junerthon , we gave them a platform to express their superpower by wearing super runner tattoos or painting their faces.


Said Shaina NC , “It is great to see how an initiative to encourage children to take up outdoor activities has turned into a community event, raising awareness about childhood obesity and teamwork bring families together to spend time with their children. I am amazed to see how these children motivate and help each other during the race. Their effort to ensure a zero-waste event is commendable and I wish them all the best.”


Celeb child Shivansh Kotia He not only encouraged the children in the marathon but also participated in activities such as buzzes , stair climbing, slackline and hula-hoop workshops, etc. The children, of course, had a great time.


They also participated in a free workshop on seed bombardment , where the children made small pumps of vegetable and herb seeds that are fun to throw where they want to grow.

At the end of the race, each child who crossed the finish line received a medal and a certificate.