I never said 'I'll be back': Uddhav Thackeray teases Devendra Fadnavis

MUMBAI: Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray mocked on Sunday of the former CM for the passionate affirmation prior to the survey Me punha yein (I will return) that had evoked many social media memes.

Thackeray was speaking after Fadnavis, leader of the state legislative unit of the BJP, was named as the new opposition leader in the House by speaker Nana Patole.

In describing Fadnavis as a friend, Thackeray also said he does not see him as the leader of the opposition.

I never said I would come back, but I came to this House, Thackeray said during his congratulatory speech.

I can assure this House and the people of Maharashtra that I will do nothing at midnight. I will work for the interests of the people, he said.

Apparently, Thackeray's coup was due to Fadnavis' morning oath of silence as CM on November 3, along with PCN leader Ajit Pawar as deputy chief minister, after the dramatic political events of the night in Mumbai and Delhi.

Thackeray called on the Chamber to minimize farmers 'problems and said: The goal of this government is not only to give up farmers' loans, but we must also reduce their concerns.

Those who were in the opposition for several years are now with me to form the government, while friends (BJP) have gone to sit on the opposition banks in this House, he said.

the Shiv Sena The chief said he does not hesitate to admit his friendship with Devendra Fadnavis.

No dudaré en admitir que hemos sido buenos amigos durante mucho tiempo. Si nos hubieran escuchado, me habría sentado en casa viendo the acontecimientos de hoy en la televisión, dijo Thackeray.

The NCP minister also pointed to Fadnavis.

He (Fadnavis) said he would return, but did not say where he would sit (in the Chamber), Patil said.

He has now returned and is occupying this top position (of the opposition leader) that is the same level as CM's position, Patil said.

the NCP leader expressed confidence that Fadnavis won't be part of any efforts to dislodge the Thackeray-led government of the Sena-NCP-Congress combine.