Prerana Kambam returns from vacation in Sikkim

Prerana Kambam, who returned to his life in the city after the ten-day vacation in Sikkim, simply cannot overcome the tranquil and picturesque holiday scenes. Sharing her experience exclusively with Bangalore Times, the actress said: It would easily be one of my most memorable family trips so far. We cover many scenic parts of Sikkim. Different places throughout the state, including Gangtok, Lachung, Lachen, Lake Gurudongmar (one of the highest lakes in the world), zero point (the last manageable road in India after which the Nepal border arrives), Natula Pass (the border gate of China India) and Pelling It has beautiful waterfalls and also great statues of Shiva and Buddha.

This was a very necessary moment of family union for the actress who said: After a long time, I had to spend time with the family and just wanted to make the most of it. But does she want to come back? I wanted to settle there, but the sad truth is that we are so used to life in the city that it will be very difficult for me to adapt to your lifestyle, he concludes.

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(The actress shared some great travel photos with us)