Bounce covered trampoline theme park ready for entry to India

New Delhi, December 1 () The Australian format of Bounce Inc covered trampoline theme park is venturing into the Indian market with plans to establish around 8-10 properties across the country over the next four years.

The company, which is present in 16 countries, will open its first park in Mumbai in December, for which it has partnered with the local entity Stratospheric Entertainment.

Our vision has always been that Bounce is a global brand. To truly be a global brand, you must have a presence in India, this magical culture that houses a third of the world's population, Antony Morell, founding director of Bounce Inc said.

The company believes that the concept has been successful in cultures as diverse as Saudi Arabia and Sweden, and will be well received in India, he added.

In developing the expansion plans, the CEO of Bounce Inc India and one of the founders of Stratospheric Entertainment, Anand Barot, said: Our plan is to have 8-10 of these parks in the next 3-4 years and for that we are looking to invest around Rs 150 crore.

The company is already looking for spaces in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Ahmedabad to establish trampoline parks in the first phase, he added. Barot and two other partners have founded Stratospheric Entertainment, which is the master franchise of Bounce Inc in India.

According to the link, Stratospheric Entertainment will make all the investments, while Bounce will help with facilities, design, staff training and knowledge transfer.

When asked to explain the deployment of capital for the initiative, Barot said Stratosphere would generate capital on its own and would not seek to raise funds from external sources at this time. The company will manage the parks on its own and for this it has given the required training to the selected workforce. Bounce would be the second international theme park format to launch in the country after the Mexican brand KidZania, which was launched in 2013. While KidZania serves children, Bounce would be open to all ages, he added. MSS BAL