Prithviraj: Much of my image has to do with how I am outside the cinema.

Prithviraj's next movie Driver's license He has it playing a superstar. The movie, directed by Lal Jr , revolves around a Superstar and a fan and talks about fan ship in the movie industry.

Ask for Prithviraj if he is ever worried about his star image and the actor tells us: “I think a lot of the image associated with me has to do with me outside the cinema. I think that inside the cinema, lately I suppose that people tend to associate me with dark and melancholic films because I have made some of those films. But I think that my image per se has more to do with my interviews and my interactions with people. I agree with that because it is easier for me to keep it, since I believe that outside the cinema I am my true self. What you make of me through an interview is more or less what I am.

However, the Superstar insists that there’s a bit of responsibility towards fan s too. “If I turn up tomorrow and do something that shatters their love for me, I am indirectly hurting them. So, as an actor you have to be aware of that and also successfully make a partition between who you are onscreen and off-screen,” he says.

Driver's license , which also has Suraj Venjaramoodu , Miya and Deepti Sati as part of the cast, will hit theaters on December 20.