Iran starts registering candidates for parliamentary polls

DUBAI UNITED ARAB EMIRATES : I ran The registration of candidates to participate in the country's parliamentary elections scheduled for February 2020 has begun, the official IRNA news agency reported on Sunday.

The elections will be an indicator of the popularity of the moderate and reformist camps that the president represents.

It occurs after the disturbances on gasoline prices set by the government in early November.

I ran has not released any figures on the death toll, though International Amnesty says at least 161 were killed in the protests. An I ran ian lawmaker has said more than 7,000 were arrested.

The current speaker of Parliament, Ali Larijani , who played an important role in raising energy prices by the government, has said he will not participate in the elections. He has been a speaker for 12 years.

The elections will be held on February 21 and the new Parliament will start operating in May.

Candidates are presented in 208 constituencies for 290 seats. A constitutional control body, the Guardian Council, examines and must approve those who wish to participate in the elections.

Those who wish to register must be between 30 and 75 years old, and have a master's degree to be qualified.