Kapil Sharma Show highlights: Kapil compares the studio audience with Maharashtra's politics as they switch to cheer on Kartik Aaryan

The last episode of The Kapil Sharma show Start with Chappu making an entry on his scooter. Chappu tells Archana Ji that he has a job at Food Genda as a delivery man. Then he asks Archana Ji to pray that he doesn't meet customers who ask for free food like her.

Chandu then goes on stage and makes fun of Archana asking Kapil not to make his silly jokes in front of her, since it is not Archana who would applaud every joke. Kapil responds by saying that, how can it be compared to Archana Ji? He tells Chandu that he might not have done as many shows as Archana has taken from others.

Kapil appears on stage and the audience begins to cheer him up. Then invite Kartik Aaryan and Bhumi Pednekar on the stage. The audience after seeing Kartik immediately switched sides and started cheering for him. Kapil cracks a joke on this switch made by the audience and says that you can't tell on whose side audience is nowadays and it has become like the politics in Maharashtra.

Kartik’s parents were sitting in the audience and Kapil asks Kartik’s father that how does he feel when he sees his son romancing different heroines on the big screen. Kartik’s father takes it in a very sportingly and says that he wishes if he could have done the same.

Kapil then invites the very lovely Ananya Pandey on the stage. Kapil asks Anaya about her marital status in real life. Ananya says she is quite young for all this.

Kapil digs back into Archana Ji that his father used to say once he got a job, then there was only peace in life, in the same way that someone told Archana Ji to sit in someone else's chair, then just There was peace in life.

Kapil then asks the audience to talk about the ‘Woh’ in their lives. Sapna comes on the stage and dances to the song of their upcoming movie. She gives two bottles of oil to Ananya and Bhumi and asks them to mix it for him. Kapil asks her why will they mix it. Sapna says that they remixed her Mama’s song but can’t mix two oils.

Sapna tells Kartik's father that his son sends him a message at 2 in the morning. Kapil jokes that it is not Kartik but his father who sends him a message.

Kapil then plays the game of Yes/No with the guests. He asks them if they have ever farted in a party because the music was really loud. Kartik being his honest self immediately turns the board towards the ‘YES’ sign. Bhumi and Ananya hesitate a little in the beginning but then accept that even they have done it.

Baccha Yadav comes on the stage and performs his killer moves. Bhuri also joins him and greets everyone. They both entertain everyone with their jokes.

The show ends with a beautiful selfie of everyone.