Chinmayi hits BJP for including Radha Ravi

Actor Radha Ravi , who had previously had women with fucking shame on multiple occasions, joined BJP. The actor was suspended from DMK after he made derogatory comments against women. Then he was part of AIADMK, but he also left it. Joined to BJP recently. Radha Ravi, who heads the Dubbing Union, had earlier removed Chinmayi of it, when the I also The controversy hit the industry.

Chinmayi questioned the party for including him. She posted on her micro-blogging page, “Hi @ BJP 4 India .. This man, Mr Radha Ravi is known to insult, abuse women at multiple events; even speeches on ‘Go ahead !! Snuff! He runs a Dubbing Union that bans those who question him/complain of sexual harassment in the industry. What message are you giving to women now? The Hon’ble Madras High Court has just ordered the Registrar of Trade Unions to submit a report on actions for the complaints of financial irregularities. So now, this case will go away ?! Now dear followers of BJP in Tamilnadu - Do question. Thanks. ”

She added that Radha Ravi had prevented her working as a dubbing artiste. “While the film industry here neither has an ICC, Radha Ravi continues to be President of the Dubbing Union preventing me from working here and he joined the ruling party to boot. This gives no confidence to survivors who stand, mostly alone, fighting a system pitted against us. I've been personally banned; have an injunction from the Honble CC Court in Tamilnadu also because I named Mr Vairamuthu Padma Bhushan Awardee being my abuser during the second wave of #MeToo.