Registration mark 'LA' for vehicles in Ladakh

NEW DELHI: A new 'LA' registration tag has been assigned for the vehicles to be registered, the government said.

On August 5, the Center had repealed the provisions of the Constitution granting special status to Jammu and Kashmir, forking the state into two territories of the Union of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, which entered into force on October 31.

In exercise of the powers conferred by ... the, the Central Government hereby makes the following additional amendments in the notification of the Government of India in the then Ministry of Surface Transport number SO 444 (E), dated 12 June 1989, namely: 1. In the table of said notification, after the serial number 17 and the corresponding entries, the following serial numbers and entities will be inserted, namely: - 17A. Ladakh LA said a notification from the Gazette of the Ministry of Road and Highway Transportation.

Ladakh, is the second largest union territory. It consists of two districts of Kargil and Leh.

The Leh district of the new UT of Ladakh has been defined in the Second Order of Reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir (Elimination of difficulties), 2019, issued by the President of India, to include the areas of Gilgit districts, Gilgit Wazarat , Chilhas and Tribal Territory of 1947, in addition to the remaining areas of the Leh and Ladakh districts of 1947, after carving the.