Neelakkuyil update, November 29: Kasthoori proves her innocence

In the recent episode of Neelakkuyil, Saramma informs Sarojini that Radhamani has doubts about whether Rani is having an extramarital affair. Swathi listens to the conversation and thinks he should take advantage of the situation. She advises Sarojini to share the same information with Aadhi.

On the other hand, Aadhi is upset with Rani's behavior change. He shares with his friend that he doubts if Rani is hiding something from him.

In Kausthubham, a psychiatrist examines Kasthoori. The latter, who is hypnotized, reveals that she did not poison Rani's food. After examining Kasthoori, the doctor informs everyone that Kasthoori is innocent in Rani's case. He also mentions Kasthoori's unconditional love for Rani and Aadhi.

Later, Vasanthi and Balan are seen discussing the filing of a police report. They still believe it was Kasthoori who poisoned Rani's food. Vasanthi calls Radhamani and shares the same. He also asks Radhamani to file a police report. But Radhamani's reaction makes her feel suspicious.

Chandran listens to the conversation and panics if Swathi will be arrested. She is also upset because Vasanthi and Balan are becoming inflexible in Rani's case.

Meanwhile, Sarojini interrupts the conversation and says he doubts if Rani took the abortion tablet. She also shares that it is the reason why Radhamani is not reacting well after hearing about the incidents in Kasuthubham.