Swara Samrat Festival will begin its musical journey today

Seen as one of the biggest musical gala in eastern India, Swara Samrat Festival which will be organized today, December 7, December 8 and February 13, announced the dates of the show at a press conference recently. Bengal musicians, along with painters and poets, gathered at the meeting to make it a memorable event. “If we get a little closer to the outside audience, there may be more help to make this event a better celebration. I would ask the media to support us to spread the word, ”PT Tejendra Narayan Majumdar said at the press conference.

At a five-star banquet in the city, the announcement was made in the presence of renowned musicians and people in the profession of art and culture. Among those on the panel, there was Pt Ajoy Chakrabarty Pt Bickram Ghosh Pt Kumar Bose Pt Subhankar Banerjee , Srikanto Acharya , Arpita Chatterjee, Joy Sarkar, Srijato, Subhamita Banerjee and others. “The height that this festival has reached was possible because of Tejen and his family. I believe, this is one of the top three music festivals in country. I have been with him from the very first day of his journey and happy to see this festival getting better with time, ”said Pt Ajoy Chakrabarty.

The guests listened carefully to each of the speeches. There was a slight debate over whether classical music is an enticing as its counterpart — popular music and while many encouraged the idea of more such shows across the country, Bickram Ghosh lend a perspective when we said, “We have to accept that classical music is not the crowd puller but still there are some who love to listen to them. So, we should be happy about being able to cater to them and take forward the tradition.” Srikanto Acharya was seen nodding in approval in the audience where he was seated with Joy and Srijato.

Filmmaker Goutam Ghose He also made his observation. I have listened to many classical singers and it is a tradition for us. I have been part of many of those programs, which were celebrations after Durga Puja. So, this festival means a lot to me, ”he said.