Update from Ke Apon Ke Por, November 30: Joba attends Moyna's audience

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Joba reveals how Tanna fed with sweets mixed with sleeping pills so that everyone falls asleep. He tried to steal the important file about Moyna Mondal’s case. But he couldn’t steal the same because Joba had guessed the same and kept the file elsewhere. The family members are shocked listening to this. Palak gets devastated by her son’s action while Rinki reprimands Tanna.

Joba also discloses that he did all these because of Supratim Biswas, whose son Rocky is the main accused in Moyna Mondal’s case. Supratim bribed Tanna.

The family members praise Joba’s presence of mind and ask her to make sure that Moyna gets justice.

Later, as the court proceedings start, the lawyer defending Rocky doesn’t want Moyna to give her statement in the court. Joba allows Surya to present Moyna and give her witness. The poor girl shares her ordeal how Supratim’s family used to physically abuse her and Rocky always wanted to take advantage of her. She also reveals Rocky’s mean motive.

Rocky, who is present in the court, loses his temper and calls Moyna a liar. Rocky’s lawyer asks Moyna all sorts of odd questions but she answers everything properly. This irks Supratim. He leaves the court and calls someone.

During her witness, Moyna also reveals how Rocky’s restaurant sells rotten meat.