Mumbai season: Sultan Suleiman for the opening day show

MUMBAI: The Mumbai season 2019-20 of 34 days returns to its original territory on Sunday at the Mahalaxmi racecourse. The season had begun at the Pune racecourse with the first two days of the race held on November 17 and 24 due to the unforeseen prolonged monsoon that had hindered preparations in Mahalaxmi. The season, with only 12 night races on offer, will end on April 12 of next year.

The Indian Derby Weekend, the largest in the Indian racing calendar, is scheduled for February 1 and 2. The season will see great races with the best horses from other centers that participate in Graded/Million and other important races, which makes it really competitive. International riders Leigh Roche, David Edgan and Nathan Evans along with the best Indian riders A Sandesh, P Trevor and S Zervan will be in action during the season.

Meanwhile, undefeated in his two starts so far, Sultan Suleiman, who was removed from the Pune Derby due to a small complaint, is expected to rule in the Morvi Maharaja Trophy, characteristic of Sunday. This race will show how well you are preparing for the 2000 Guinean Indies. The first begins at 2.30 pm.


1. India Gate Plate (1200m): In Sabah Nur 1, Antiquity 2.

2. Desert Lightning Plate (1600m): Nekhbet 1, Moriseiki 2.

3. Sir Rahimtoola Chinoy Trophy (1600m): Valegro 1, Tasawwur 2.

4. DMCC Centenary Trophy (1400m): Mirabilis 1, Mozart 2.

5. Maharaja of Morvi Trophy (1400m): Sultan Suleiman 1, Storm Breaker 2.

6. Tiger Tops Plate (1000 m): Be Frank 1, Multibagger 2.

Day's best: Sultan Suleiman.