Moved by the astrologer, Grandma suffocates a seven-day girl in Bangalore

BENGALURU: A 60-year-old woman allegedly suffocated her seven-day-old granddaughter and threw her body into a vacant lot in the Soladevanahalli area in northern Bengaluru. It is believed that the trigger is an astrologer's prediction that his family would be in financial trouble if his newly married son is not blessed with a child.

Parameshwari A, a resident of Medarahalli near Chikkabanavara, was arrested and held in custody for 14 days on Saturday.

In December last year, Parameshwari's son, Marshal, married Tamilselvi against his wishes. Marshal runs a milk booth near his residence and is a small real estate agent. Police said Parameshwari wanted her son to marry a girl of her choice and she left the house after her marriage to Tamilselvi. She had been living in Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile, on November 22, the couple was blessed with a girl. Parameshwari returned home to take care of Tamilselvi and the newborn. However, I was upset because Tamilselvi had given birth to a girl. He thought the girl would bring bad luck and planned to kill her, police said.

Around 9 p.m. on Friday, Tamilselvi finished feeding the baby and handed it to Parameshwari before going to the bathroom. A few minutes later, when she left the bathroom, the girl had disappeared.

When asked, Parameshwari gave vague answers. She said a stranger entered the house and took the child. A surprised Tamilselvi shouted for help and the neighbors joined her to find the child. Soon, they saw the baby's body on an empty land behind the house, police said. When asked, Parameshwari confessed the crime, they added.