Eight-year-old Rajkot girl kidnapped while sleeping, raped

RAJKOT: The crime against women and children seems to be on the rise in the state with another younger girl who becomes a victim of an atrocious act in the city of Rajkot on Friday night.

An eight-year-old girl was kidnapped and allegedly raped by a middle-aged man on Road. City police on Saturday declared a reward of Rs 50,000 for the person who can help them identify and locate the defendant.

According to Thorala police investigating the case, the girl was kidnapped by the defendant when she slept with her family in a garden of the Municipal Corporation of Rajkot (RMC) near Crossroads. She was taken to a secluded place near a drain under a small bridge and allegedly raped by the accused.

Police said blood stains were found on the girl's cloths. She was admitted to the government women's hospital where her medical report is expected. Sources said the girl was under severe trauma and was unconscious.

CCTV images near the garden showed the accused carrying the girl wrapped in a blanket around 11.30 pm on Friday. The images on the same camera show the accused walking alone and then the girl running to the place where he was sleeping with his family.

The girl's parents, who are natives of Babra Taluka in Amreli, declared in their complaint in the middle of the night that the girl's grandmother found her missing and gave the alarm. Family members, who work at a nearby construction site as workers, began looking for the girl but could not find her. However, about half an hour later they saw the girl running towards them and crying inconsolably.

The girl described her terrible experience to her parents, who then approached the Thorala police station.

(The identity of the victim to protect their privacy has not been disclosed according to the directives of the Supreme Court on cases related to sexual assault)