I repeat, the liquor is available for free in Gujarat

AHMEDABAD: Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot a wasp nest woke up again on Saturday, questioning the effectiveness of the ban policy in Gujarat.

Gehlot was in Ahmedabad to attend the concentration of the Jan Vedana Andolan Congress, organized at the RTO Circle in Vadaj, to raise awareness about the economic slowdown and the agricultural crisis in the country.

The congress meeting ‘Jan Vedana Andolan’ organized at the RTO Circle in Vadaj.

Gehlot alleged that his previous statement was deliberately misunderstood and led to a political controversy by Gujarat Prime Minister Vijay Rupani.

In October, Gehlot had questioned the effectiveness of Gujarat's ban policy, saying that liquor was consumed in almost every house in Gujarat and that the consumption of liquor in the state was the highest of all states. Gujarat CM Rupani had demanded an apology from Gehlot.

“During my stay in Gujarat, during the elections of Lok Sabha, I had seen that many Gujarati people were going to consume alcohol immediately after completing their work. I was surprised that alcohol is consumed wildly in Gujarat, the land of Mahatma Gandhi, said Gehlot

“Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani states that he had insulted Gujarat. The fact is that we try to stop the entry of liquor to Gujarat from Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh, ”said Gehlot.

In response to Gehlot's accusations about the prohibition situation, Gujarat BJP President Jitu Vaghani told mediators that Gehlot has a habit of creating unnecessary controversies.