Techie couple found hanging in Bangalore after the family says no to marriage

BENGALURU: Two Kerala technicians allegedly committed suicide near Electronics City in the Hebbagodi police boundaries following the parents' alleged opposition to their marriage. Their bodies, found hanging from a tree on November 29, were in a highly decomposed state.

Abhijit Mohan, 25, and Srilakshmi S, 21, both worked as junior software engineers with an IT specialization in Electronics City Phase II.

Since October 9, the duo had stopped accepting calls from their relatives. After complaints were filed, police began a search operation, but could only track the locations of the couple's mobile towers in Bangalore. On November 23, an anguished Srilakshmi called and thanked his family for disturbing them. Six days later, a pastor found their bodies in a field near Chintana Madiwala in Anekal Taluk.

Coming from Thrissur in Kerala, the two had joined the computer department more than a year ago. They were staying in different paid guest accommodation (PG) in the Parappana Agrahara area. According to the police, Abhijit and Srilakshmi were in love and wanted to get married. However, their families were against the relationship allegedly due to caste difference.

Police: the couple could not convince their relatives

The duo went out of their way to convince family members, but in vain. Srilakshmi's uncle had threatened them with serious consequences, police said, citing his friends and colleagues. In the first week of October, the duo had informed their families that they were getting married.

On October 9, the duo stopped answering phone calls. The next night, they left their PGs with small bags and turned off their cell phones. The families soon filed cases of missing persons at the Parappana Agrahara police station in southeast Bangalore. They also filed petitions for habeas corpus before a city court in the second week of November.

During their search, the police tracked the couple's location to a few hotels and temples outside Bangalore, but could not find them anywhere. “On October 11, the location of the mobile tower near Chintana Madiwala in Hebbagodi was located. A few days later, the places were traced to a hotel near Electronics City and temples in Whitefield. The phones date back to Chintana Madiwala between November 22 and 23. On November 23, Srilakshmi called his uncle in Thrissur.

According to family sources, an anguished Srilakshmi thanked his family members for torturing Abhijit and her. Saying there will be no problems with them from now on, he turned off his phone, ”the sources said. The police had met the couple's colleagues, friends and some relatives in the city, but could not track them.

On the morning of November 29, a pastor met a strong stench in a field near Chintana Madiwala. When he looked around, he was surprised to see two highly decomposed bodies hanging from a tree, police said. “We retrieved their office IDs, PAN and Aadhaar cards from a leather bag used by Abhijit. Our colleagues at the Parappana Agrahara police station identified them, ”said an officer.

Since the bodies were highly decomposed, doctors had to perform an autopsy in the field instead of taking them to a hospital.