UP: the elephant blocks the bus, puts the trunk through the window, kills the man

NAINITAL: A savage attacked a bus on National Highway 121 in Ramnagar, near here, on Saturday and dragged a passenger out of the vehicle before fatally knocking him to the ground.

The victim, Jagdish Chand Pandey, teacher, was heading to the school when the incident occurred.

According to eyewitnesses, the elephant blocked the bus early on Saturday and attacked the passengers. The officer of the Ramnagar station house, Ravi Saini, said: “The elephant blocked the bus and put its trunk through the window. When the panic spread, the passengers began to run. However, the animal seized Pandey and threw him to the ground. ” He added that Pandey died even before police and forest officials could arrive at the scene. “When we arrived at the place, Saini was dead and the elephant was heading towards the jungle. We tried to calm the other passengers who were clearly in shock. ”

The SHO said that Pandey's body was sent to the autopsy and that his family was alerted to the matter.

According to passengers, this is the third such incident in the same place in recent days.

Saini said: “The locals informed us that the elephants have also damaged other vehicles in recent days. We will discuss the matter with interested forestry officials.