It is time to end the inhuman tragedies: Virat Kohli on the murder of the veterinarian in Telangana

NEW DELHI: As the whole country is outraged by the brutal murder of a veterinary doctor in Telangana , Pattern of India virat Kohli On Saturday he said it is time for society to take over and put an end to such incidents.

Kohli took to Twitter on Saturday and wrote: "What happened in Hyderabad is absolutely shameful. It's high time we as a society take charge and put an end to these inhumane tragedies."

The burnt body of the veterinary doctor was found in the outskirts of Telangana 's Ranga Reddy district at Shadnagar on Thursday.

According to the preliminary investigation, the police suspect that the doctor was sexually assaulted before being charred.

The police on Friday arrested four accused persons for involvement in the alleged rape and murder of the veterinary doctor .

According to police sources, the defendants arrested by the police are truck drivers and cleaning workers.