Bigg Boss Kannada Update 7, Day 50: Kiccha Sudeep warns Chaithra Kottoor for the second time

In the last episode of Bigg Boss Kannada 7 , host Kiccha Sudeep starts Vaarada Kathe Kiccha Sudeep Jothey and welcomes the contestants. Then, he welcomes the wild card entrants Raksha Somashekar and also congratulates Chaithra Kottoor for her re-entry as the wild card contestant.

Sudeep gives a task to Priyanka and asks her to scold any of her inmates. He also mentions that Priyanka should use the word 'Thu' before she starts scolding. Priyanka takes advantage and scolds Prathap, Kishen and Prithvi.

Kiccha interacts even more with Shine and Deepika. He talks to Shine about his different attempts this entire week to woo Deepika. He then mentions about Deepika's shyness and compliments her.

He interacts with the rest of the contestants about few incidents that happened during the week. As Chaithra had re-entered the house, Sudeep asks her to give suggestions for her housemates to perform better.

After this, he asks the other contestants to share their views on Chaithra. When Kishen conveys her thoughts about Chaithra's goal of winning the show, she (Chaithra) interrupts and defends her actions.

Sudeep gets upset with Chaithra's attitude and advises her to be patient. He talks about her ego and asks her not to repeat her mistake again as it was the second time he was warning her regarding the same issue.

Chaithra Kottur apologises to Sudeep, to which he says that he would pray for her to learn to have patience.

Moving on, Sudeep gives a chance for Bhoomi and Priyanka to sort out the differences between them. He schools Bhoomi, Raju and Prithvi and asks them to bounce back in the game.

Kiccha Sudeep then comes to the crucial segment of the episode- 'eviction'. He announces Shine , Kishen and Chandhan are safe from eviction. He further mentions declaring the name of the evicted contestant in Sunday's episode.

Just before Sudeep could wrap the episode, he applauds Shine Shetty for his tremendous performance this week. Shine gets overwhelmed and thanks the host.

Sudeep also congratulated Deepika's performance and encourages her to perform well in the upcoming tasks.