BCCI AGM: Quorum 'in place' for amendments

MUMBAI: The 88th Annual General Assembly (AGM) of the BCCI scheduled for Sunday, the first in three years, is when members will take their first step forward to return to the starting point.

The Board had published a 12-point agenda for the AGM earlier this month that, among other things, included proposed amendments to the existing constitution.

Promoting these amendments through a 3/4 quorum will be the highlight of the day once members arrive today at the Cricket Center here.

In fact, apart from establishing a quorum on the amendments, the approval of accounts, the adoption of a new budget for the 2019-20 season and possibly the appointment of new auditors, it is unlikely that the AGM will see any development.

On the eve of the AGM, members were confident that the quorum is very much available. That the president and the secretary be allowed to continue to be in office for two consecutive terms; that the 70-year age bar be applied only to office-bearers and members of the apex council; the secretary be given the right to exercise all powers in relation to cricketing and non-cricketing matters; and that heading to the Supreme Court, every time the BCCI wants to relook the constitution because it is 'not practical' are among the changes being perceived. Once the quorum is drawn, the BCCI will head to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, December 3, for the necessary approvals. It will then be for the SC to take the final call.

CAC appointment

Among other developments expected to take place, the 'all-powerful' Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) - which was first formed by the BCCI in 2016 to select national coaches and support staff - may not be all that powerful going forward, if the proposed amendments are accepted. For that reason alone, the CAC may not be announced on Sunday. But this is BCCI, you never know, is how a member put it.

Regardless of the CAC's appointment, no formal call has been taken yet on the appointment of the national selectors. "Only after the CAC comes on board. And CAC appointment may get pushed until December 3," the member added.

It could not be confirmed if Ganguly has spoken with his former CAC colleagues Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman yet. But what is certain is that nobody in the BCCI has yet shared with these individuals on what will the precise role of CAC be?

There's no coach to be selected until 2021. Once the selectors are appointed, what is the CAC's role? It will be more appropriate if they don't have a CAC at all. Further, while there is no written rule that the BCCI president cannot be part of the CAC, why will Ganguly agree to be part of it when he's already the president and the CAC - if appointed - will report to the secretary? sources say.

Worry conflict

While these are the expected developments, the BCCI has a bigger worry to address when the members gather on Sunday. An existing clause in the present constitution (38) - that has to do with Conflict of Interest - has ensured that no ex-cricketer wants to come forward and serve Indian cricket in an honorary capacity.

And why should they do it? Clause 38 makes no sense because it expects professionals to give up full-time occupation if they want to assume honorary roles. Who will agree with that? That clause needs to be reworked, sources say.


Proposed amendments to the existing constitution

Account step

Adoption of a new budget for the 2019-20 season.

Possible appointment of new auditors

The new CAC may not be announced today