Bigg Boss 13: after receiving fewer votes, Paras Chhabra says: 'laanat hai show pe', Arti mocks that he should be grateful

In the episode Weekend Ka Vaar, host Salman Khan revealed the names of two contestants who received the least amount of votes from the audience. Surprisingly, he took For Chhabra and Mahira Sharma 'name of.

Everyone in the house were shocked to hear this including Paras and Mahira. Paras couldn't fathom this and said, "Laanat hai show pe." He said that if people who are seriously playing the game and are actively involved in everything inside the house can be in bottom two, then be it. Paras further said that people who aren't being seen or aren't doing anything, if the audience wants to see them then it's fine for him. He hinted towards Hindustani Bhau and Arti singh for people who have contributed less to the show.

Mahira Sharma , too, is upset with this decision, but laughs over it. Arti singh then comes close to Himanshi, Asim and speaks about Paras' behaviour. Arti, who has always been at loggerheads with Paras, said that he should be thankful to Bigg Boss for making him a part of this show, instead he is questioning the makers of the show.

While host Salman Khan was discussing about the nominations with the contestants, he asked Mahira to analyse her game. Mahira said that when she was quiet, everyone said that she isn't playing and now when she speaks up, they call her rude and mannerless.

Salman then reminded him that Rashami had been evicted because of him previously. However, he soon added that Rashami did not contribute to saving Mahira.