Hang them up or turn them on: Kin of defendants

HYDERABAD: Family members of the four men accused of raping and brutally killing the 27-year-old veterinarian outside Hyderabad have said they would not challenge if the court gives their children.

Shyamala, mother of one of the defendants C Chennakeshavulu, said: Hang it or set it on fire like what they did to the doctor, he said. Chennakeshavulu comes from the village of Gudigandla in Makthal Mandal of the Narayanpet district of Telangana. After the police took her son on Thursday morning to question her, Shyamala said her husband left the house in disgust.

Shyamala said he could feel the pain the vet's family was going through. I also have a daughter and I know what the woman's family must be suffering. If I defend my son after knowing that he has committed a heinous crime, people will hate me for the rest of my life.

Five months ago, we married him with a girl of his choice. We never pressured him at home because he suffered from kidney disease. We take him to the NIMS hospital in Hyderabad every six months for treatment. he remembered.

Jollu Shiva and Jollu Naveen, who are among the accused, also come from Gudigandla. The main defendant, Mohammed Areef, belongs to Jaklair, a neighboring town.

Areef's mother, Moole Bi, was distraught when journalists spoke to her. Areef, the driver of the truck that was used to get rid of the body, came home after committing the crime. He told me that a girl had died in an accident in which his truck was involved, he said. His father, Hussain, said they had no idea of ​​the crime in which Areef was involved. Give him the punishment he deserves, he said.

Moole Bi said the other three suspects used to visit his home. The families of cousins ​​Shiva and Naveen were also surprised and said they should be punished according to the law.

People were agitated in both Gudigandla and Jaklair and said that the terrible crime had brought shame to their villages. The locals and the students held demonstrations in both villages. The students, who participated in a rally in Jaklair, shouted slogans that demanded strict measures against the defendants.