Chhattisgarh: police informant hacked to death by Maoists

JAGDALPUR: A police informant was hacked to death by a suspect in the Bastar district, police said Sunday.

The incident occurred on Saturday night when the decedent, identified as Chhannu Sodhi (30), was visiting the weekly market in Bastanar, in the area of ​​the district's Kodenar police station, said a local police official.

Sodhi was attacked by a 'small action team' of Maoists (typically composed of four and five paintings) with axes, leaving him dead on the spot, he said.

Shortly after being alerted, a police team was taken to the scene and the body was taken for autopsy, the official said, adding that a search operation was started in the area to track the attackers.

Sodhi was working as a 'gopaniya sainik' (secret police informant), who are appointed by the local district superintendent of police for anti-Maoist operations, especially to gather information.

Most of the surrendered cadres work as police informers, but Sodhi had not been associated with the illegal Maoists, the official added.

According to the police, Sodhi was working in the area of ​​the Katekalyan police station in the neighboring district and became the victim of a Maoist trap.

The Maoists recently put pamphlets in their division of Darbha and other places and tried to attract their surrendered colleagues, who now work as police assistants and informers, to return to their villages and stop helping the security forces, the superintendent said. of Dantewada police, Abhishek. Pallava told PTI.

The Maoists had claimed that those who return to their villages will receive land and houses, a promise that was nothing more than a ploy. Sodhi fell into this trap and returned to his village without informing the police, he said.

He had warned Sodhi and other police officers, mostly recruited from the District Reserve Guard (DRG), the state's anti-Maoist force and police informants that they should not be influenced by the Maoist conspiracy and should not return. to their villages, Pallava added. .