Udd gaye: students enjoy an exciting performance by artist EDM Ritviz

Hum toh udd gaye, udd gaye, udd gaye ...

There was something electrifying in hundreds of university students who sang the choir of Udd Gaye de Ritviz perfectly. The EDM artist was recently at Aapnu Amdavad to perform at the annual PDPU Tesseract Technology Festival. The 22-year-old artist rose to fame with his single Udd Gaye that became a party anthem. His first concert in the city, Ritviz was excited by Amdavadi's enthusiasm. The singer's exciting performance turned the university grounds into a virtual dance floor.

The students were excited about the performance. The one-hour concert made all the students dance to the rhythm of the EDM artist. Aditi Rughani, a third-year college student recalls her concert experience: “There was an emotion of excitement in the air throughout the concert. When Ritviz sang the most anticipated song of the night, Udd Gaye, my mind really flew. Everyone became gaga about the artist's electrifying rhythms. His songs made us touch our feet everywhere. The energy was crazy.

Aman Agarwal, a third-year student and part of the organizing team, shares: “The production of this year's EDM night has been amazing. The tread of the event has been more than expected. The members and advisors of our core team worked hard for this sensational night. Overall, my experience was spectacular, something I will remember for a long time. ”

PDPU students left no stones unturned when organizing the festival and the closing concert. Yash Patel, a fourth-year student says: “When we revealed the artist's name for EDM Night, all the students were delighted. The same emotion could be seen when we took the artist to the stage through the conference room. The effort made by the organizers made the event a success. ”