The highlight of the film critic Arjun Suravaram: a very interesting first half

Directed by TN Santhosh, ' Arjun Suravaram ', which stars Nikhil Siddarth and Lavanya Tripathi in lead roles, is a crime thriller which finally hit screens today after a lot of trials and tribulations.

Arjun Lenin Suravaram (Nikhil Siddarth) is an investigative journalist turned public enemy number one. He's wanted for scamming banks with fake certificates, along with few others, with a single thread of identity theft connecting them all. Kavya ( Lavanya Tripathi ) is his colleague and girlfriend, out to help him uncover the mystery behind it all.

Balaji ( Vennela Kishore ) is a lawyer and Arjun's childhood friend. The character just pours life into the proceedings whenever things get slow. The chemistry between the duo is more poignant than between Arjun and Kavya. Posani and Nagireddy as their fathers too fare well in characters they can play in their sleep, so does Satya as Arjun's cameraman Rambabu. While the first half takes its own sweet time to ensure we invest in the characters, the comedy track involving Vidyut Raman just doesn't work. Nor do some of the plot lines that attempt to make a social commentary on how journalism has changed through the years. With things coming to a head right before the interval, it remains to be seen if things pick up in the second half.