Cyclone Fani: the toll rises to 41, the energy recovery is in full swing

BHUBANESHWAR: The Toll On Wednesday Has Gone Up To 41, While The Restoration Of The Stream Is In Full Swing In The Affected Areas With Extra Skilled Manpower Drawn From Other States, An Official Said.

The Toll Was 37 To Tuesday, The District Collectors Have Confirmed Four More Deaths Because Of The Cyclone That Arrived In Puri On Friday. Information And Public Relations Secretary Sanjay Singh Said Without Naming The Districts From Which New Deaths Were Reported.

The Official Said That Water Supply Restoration Was The First Priority Of The State Government After The Cyclone And It Has Been Achieved In Both Bhubaneswar And Most Parts Of Puri.

We Turned On Diesel Generators In Places Where The Water Pumps Are Powered Where No Electricity Is Available, He Said.

We Can Fully Restore Power Supply In State Capital On May 12 Singh Said While Informing The Media About Restoration Work After Mass Destruction Due To Cyclone Tearing Water Supply, Electricity And Telecom Infrastructure Into More Than 11 Coastal Districts.

On The Problem Of The Restoration Of The Power, He Said The Work Is In Full Swing With Extra Skilled Manpower From States Such As Andhra Pradesh . While 80 Percent Of Electricity Consumers Get Power On May 10, The Process Will Be Completed On May 12 In Bhubaneswar, Singh Said.

Energy Recovery Restores And In The First Phase Of Electricity Supply Consumers On May 12 Get Electricity In The Grand Road Area (Badadanda) Said Singh, Who Has Been Tasked To Manage Media And Logistics In The After The Cyclone .

However, He Was Unable To Provide A Timetable For The Full Recovery Of The Power Supply In The Puri District In Light Of The Massive Destruction Of The Infrastructure In The Most Affected Areas With Cyclone Impacts.

We Have To Rebuild The Power Infrastructure In Many Places In The Puri District That Was Slammed In By High-speed Winds At Speeds Of Over 200 Km/h, Singh Said.

Cyclone Fani Has Damaged Five 400 KV Towers, 27 Of 220 KV Towers, 21 Of 130 KV Towers, Four 220 KV Grids And Four 132 KV Grids In Puri.

Similarly, 5,030 Km Of 33 KV Lines, 38,613 Km Of The 11 KV Line, 11,077 Distribution Transformers And 79,485 Km Of Low-voltage Lines Were Damaged In The Disaster, The Special Assistant Commissioner (SRC) Said In His Situation Report.

The Government Has Sought Cooperation With The Power Consumers And Said That Time Is Needed To Fully Restore The Power Connection In The Destroyed Areas With Cyclone. As Much As 1.56 Lakh New Electric Poles Are Uprooted In The ' Extremely Serious ' Cyclone Fani.

In The Meantime, The State Government Has Launched Relief Work In Bhubaneswar And Has Given It The Direction To Also Start Relief Work In Other Affected Districts.

The Misery Of The People Was Exacerbated By A High Level That Rose Above 90 Percent In Coastal Districts.

Apart From The Water Supply, The Lack Of Energy Supply Has Also Suffered From Gas Stations, Banking Services And Health Services And Has Affected More Than 1.4 Million People In The Coastal Region Of The State.

The Situation Is So Precarious That People Have Started Leaving The State Capital Because Of A Lack Of Essential Services.