Indian 'yoga guru' held in Australia for the mistreatment of two women

MELBOURNE: A Self-proclaimed Spiritual Leader From India Has Been Arrested And Taken In Provisional Custody In Australia For Allegedly Attacking Two Women Who Invited Him To Come Home For Prayers In Sydney

Anand Giri, 38, Was Arrested Early In Sunday From The Western Suburb Of Oxley Park In Sydney And Was Then Accused Of Two Counts Of Committing An Act Of Indecency In Two Women At Different Occasions, News Broadcast Service News Broadcast (SBS).

He Would Fly Abroad On Monday After Completing A Six-week Spiritual Learning Path.

According To New South Wales Police, The Man Attended A House In Rooty Hill To Participate In Hindu Prayers On New Year's Day S Day In 2016, Where He Met A 29-year-old Woman And Allegedly Invaded Her Into A Bedroom.

While In The Bedroom Of The House, The Man Allegedly Indecent The Woman Has Attacked, Police Said In A Statement.

It Was Also Claimed That The Accused Man Also Visited A House In Rooty Hill In 2018, Where He Met A 34-year-old Woman In The Living Room Of The House For Prayers And Had Assaulted Her Indecently.

The Police Said Officers Of The Mt Druitt Police Area Command Were Informed And Started Investigating.

After Being Denied The Bail For The Concern That" More Female Victims Would Be In Danger If They Were Released," He Was Taken In Pre-trial Detention.

He Will Appear At The Mt Druitt Court On June 26.

Both Complaints Were Known At The ' Yogi ', Said The Police.

Giri Comes From Allahabad In Uttar Pradesh.

According To His Website, The Primary Purpose Of His Life Is To" Offer Life Solutions To People And Be A Change Agent In Society."

He Organizes Throughout The Year Through Different Spiritual Lessons And Yoga Lessons In India And Abroad.

He Has Graduated And Is Currently Following His Ph.D. In Yoga Tantra, According To His Website.