Srinagar hotel incident: Major Gogoi loses six months of seniority

NEW DELHI: The Army Assigned" A Heavy Reprimand" And Six Months Loss Of Seniority For Retirement, Which Was Briefly Detained In May Last Year By J & K Police After An Rise When He Tried To Enter A Hotel Srinagar With A Young Kashmiri Woman.

Major Gogoi, Who Also Stood In The Center Of The Controversy" Human Shield" In The Budgam District In April 2017, But Received A Clean Wither And Even A Prize, Is Also Posted From Kashmir, Where He Served With A Rashtriya Rifles Unit.

The Martial Council Against Major Gogoi Bailed Him For" Fraternization With A Source Of Women Against Existing Commands" And" Leaving His Unit In An Operational Area Without Permission From His Superiors" In May Last Year.

" The Discipline And Vigilance Prohibition For Major Gogoi Have Now Been Lifted. He Is Routinely Posted From Kashmir After Completing His Nearly Three-year Tenure," An Officer Said.

Major Gogoi, Posted With The 53 Rashtriya Rifles (Punjab Regiment) In Beerwa In The Budgam District Since March 2016, Had First Made Anti-Aircraft After Controversially Deciding To Call A Citizen Farooq Ahmad Dar On The Bonnet Splitting His Jeep As" A Human Shield" For Save More Than A Dozen Security And Election Personnel Of A Rock Cracker In The Budgam District On April 9, 2017.

Criticism Of The Criticism Of The Human Rights Violation Officer, Major General Gogoi Had Given The Recommendation Card Of The Army Personnel For His" Ongoing Efforts In Counter-resurrection Operations, As Well As His Presence Of Spirit And Initiative To Prevent Bloodshed In An Unstable Situation"

But On May 23 Last Year, Major Gogoi Had Once Again Triggered A Controversy After The Police Detained Him, Along With The Kashmiri Woman And A Third Person, Following An Altercation About Getting A Room At The Grand Mamta Hotel In Srinagar.

Gen Rawat Then Declared That Exemplary Punishment Would Be Given To Major Gogoi If He Was Found Guilty Of A Violation." If A Crime Officer Is Found Guilty Of A Violation, We Take The Strictest Possible Action ... As Major Gogoi Has Done Wrong, I Assure You That He Will Get A Punishment At The Earliest," Gen Rawat Had Said.