'Maharshi' provided special shows for Telangana and AP

The Advance Reservation Is In Full Swing For The Arrival Of Vamshi Paidipally Mahesh Babu , Pooja Hegde And Allari Naresh With 'Maharshi' As The Lead Actor.

With The Film Slated For Release On May 9, The Governments Of Telangana And AP both have granted permissions for an extra show to be aired from 8 AM. The permission has been granted And can be utilised by theatres from the date of release till May 22.

Andhra Box Office Quoted Minister Talasani writing , “On the other hand , Cinematography minister Talasani said that TS government has not given permission for theatres to increase ticket rates. Most Places have already opened bookings with Hiked Rates.” (sic) Dil Raju said in a video , "The theatre prices have nothing to do with the government , they have given permissions for the extra show. It is the theatre owners who hiked prices in some single screens And multiplexes because it is a huge release."

In AP too , with permission , prices of the film’s tickets have been hiked up to Rs 200. The film is releasing worldwide And has high expectations pinned on it. The film is going to release across 91 screens in Australia , news that the distributors shared on their social media And wrote , "Sorry for late....& the news is #Maharsi is going to have a Massive #91 shows in Australia on its 1st day #SSMB This is 1st for any telugu film in our region & more shows will be added , possibly #MaharshiFromTomorrow." (sic) The film will be releasing in over 2000 screens worldwide , creating a non-'Baahubali' record.