India vs Bangladesh, Indore test: e-ticket holders missed the first hour of day 1

INDORE: More than 300 spectators, who tried to enter the stadium with impressions of electronic tickets, had to miss the first hour of the game on Thursday. When security denied them entry based on electronic ticket impressions, they were forced to search the ticket counter and obtain original tickets and then enter the stands.

Those who bought tickets after November 10 had to face the problem since the original tickets could not reach their address by mail.

One of those spectators, Yeshwant Agrawal, who had come from Dhamnod with his two children, lost the pitch, the first ball and almost an hour on day 1.

This building is 10 minutes from the stadium and it took me more than an hour to find the office. The children were very excited about the game. But now they are totally exhausted after walking more than 3 km, he said.

Agrawal had received the impression of the electronic ticket, which the security rejected and asked him to bring the originals of the corporate building and had no idea where he was.

The ticket office on the third floor of a corporate building located near Malwa Mill Square is more than a kilometer from the party site.

According to the box office executives, in a span of three days, they have already distributed almost 3000 tickets.

The employees were giving only four tickets to one person after verifying their electronic ticket and proof of identity.

The office remained open from 7 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. We have already distributed more than 300 tickets and we have more than 500 tickets left, the employee said on condition of anonymity.