Indore test: the morning crowd greets the Indian players upon arrival

INDORE: Indoreans are known to be early risers, but not today. A large crowd was there to greet the Indian players when they arrived at 8 am at Holkar stadium by special rented bus.

the Cricket The lovers had been anxiously waiting for the team for more than an hour and began cheering on their favorite players and chanted Kohli's name when the bus arrived.

the team entered the stadium through Usha Raje Holkar gate. After 10 minutes, the Bangladeshi players arrived. Some fans yelled Sakib and Liton's name to seek attention.

He had been waiting for the team for almost an hour. Although I couldn't see them all because of the curtains, I'm happy to witness their arrival, said university student Urvashi Ratan.

The Hawkers score in 4s and 6s

Los Hawkers tenían un buen negocio fuera del estadio Holkar y Nehru, ya que the fanáticos se aseguraron de comprar accesorios y camisetas para mantener el espíritu alto el jueves.

I love coming to Indore since I can do good business here even during the Test. I come from Nagpur, said street vendor Santosh Kumar Chandpuriya, who had been selling t-shirts and hats.

Desde pintar tricolor en la cara hasta escribir India, Me encanta India y Virat, the pintores de Maharashtra tuvieron buenos negocios hasta la tarde. Mientras que el precio de una pintura de una pequeña bandera era de 10 rupias, pintar la cara completa costaba 150 rupias.

A special day for children of NGOs.

On Children's Day, eight children of the Indo-English society for people with mental problems had the opportunity to see the Test from the stands.

El superintendente de la sociedad, Shashi Dubey, le dijo a TOI que el secretario del MPCA, Sanjiv Rao, proporcionó the pases. Ocho niños serán llevados a disfrutar del partido internacional de prueba todos the días.

She added that the society shelters around 55 children and most of them are fond of Cricket . During the match, the children were very happy to see their favorite Cricket players.

Security fixes

More than 1000 policemen had been deployed at various points in the stadium to keep things under control on the first day of the Test.

A squad of five policemen on horseback had been deployed in four different areas around the stadium to patrol, Rajeev Singh Bhadoria told TOI TI.

De 20 caballos, 10 eran del primer batallón y the restantes eran del Cuerpo de Entrenamiento Físico del Ejército (APTC).

Nos habían desplegado desde las 6:30 am. Me han colocado en todos the partidos jugados en Indore en un lapso de más de tres décadas, dijo Prakash Korde, del primer batallón.

Además de the policías, the guardias y guardianes de un servicio de seguridad privado también se habían colocado en todo el estadio.

Things not allowed:

University student Shikha Sharma, who had come to watch the game for the first time, was intercepted at the security gates just before entering the stadium while carrying her bag.

" the ticket checkers didn't see the small backpack and let me in queue after checking my identity card and tickets. When I reached the second check, they didn't permit us. I had to walk nearly 2km to keep my bag," she added.

Items such as plastic bags, water bags, disposable bottles and national flag sticks were not allowed. Radio, camera, helmet, mirror, handbag, firecrackers, transistor, matchbox, raincoat, bottle, cigarette, laptop, injections, tiffin, box, flammable items, large woman's bag, knife or any other weapon, bank Energy, liquor or any alcoholic substances and selfie stick were banned.

Traffic load:

The road from Indraprasth Square that passes through Zanjeerwala Square to RNT Marg became a single lane as barricades were made in a lane for the public to enter the stadium.

Las colonias ubicadas alrededor del estadio estaban repletas de vehículos de dos y cuatro ruedas, lo que dificultaba el desplazamiento de the residentes. Para eliminar la mala gestión de the vehículos, la policía de tránsito tuvo que remolcar vehículos estacionados al azar y despejar el espacio de estacionamiento.