The Maharashtra government sanctions Rs 110 crore for CCTVs at police stations

MUMBAI: The budget increase for the installation of CCTV cameras inside police stations across the state from Rs 72.60 million to Rs 110 million, an official said Thursday.

The decision was made by a high-power committee on Wednesday and the state department issued a government resolution on Thursday, he added.

To prevent deaths in custody, in August 2014, he had ordered the state government to install CCTV cameras inside police stations, he said.

The order was issued in light of a case presented by Leonard Valdaris, whose son Agnelo died in custody on April 18, 2014 at the railway police station and the death of Akash Kharade at the Samta Nagar police station.

To avoid such adverse incidents, the government had initially decided to install CCTV cameras at 25 police stations in Mumbai, he said.

In the next stage, the court ordered the installation of CCTV in all police stations in Maharashtra.

The high-power committee had sanctioned a budget of Rs 72.60 million rupees and the bidding process was suspended, the official said.

The lowest bidder, who participated in the process, presented the cost of Rs 110 Rs, including taxes and service charges for the installation of CCTV at all police stations, he said.