Kerala CM says that the entry of women to Sabarimala will not be suspended, the government will take a legal opinion

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Prime Minister has said that there is ambiguity about the decision of the apex court to refer the case of entry of women to a 7-member bank. Not sure if the 7-member bank will inspect the case of gender equality or the verdict as such issued by the 5-member bank on September 28. But he opined that the verdict was not maintained allowing women to enter.

Although the general impression is that there is no suspension of the Supreme Court decision of September 28, the government has decided to request a legal opinion. The government is not in a hurry and before the temple opens for the Mandalakal-Makaravilakku festival, a decision will be made, the prime minister said.

According to reports, it is known that the Supreme Court has not suspended its previous verdict and, therefore, it must be believed that the decision that allows the entry of women still exists. The government is ready to accept the verdict of the Supreme Court, whatever it is. The government has no preconceived idea about this, he said.

The government is examining the implications of the Supreme Court decision and only after obtaining an expert opinion can a decision be made. Therefore, I am not ready to draw conclusions now.

When asked if the government will provide protection to women if they come for the darshan, the prime minister said the government has not made any decision about it.

The prime minister in his response to the verdict tried to give the impression that he still favored access to the hill sanctuary. The two bank members learned to say that, as a constitutional body, the government is committed to implementing the previous verdict. If one more judge had supported this opinion, it would have been a majority opinion and this should have been the verdict. he said.