Chinese car manufacturer BYD will enter the Indian electric vehicle market

CHENNAI: Chinese companies are heading directly to the electric vehicle market in India. The last to join the car is the Chinese fan BYD .

Local electric fleet operator ETO Motors in collaboration with BYD has announced it will deploy a fleet of cargo vehicles comprising of 3W and 4W.

These vehicles will be designed and manufactured with BYD’s power battery, motor, motor controllers&powertrains. Electric 3W fleet deployment will include electric-rickshaw, electric-cart, electric-auto (L5M&L5N category) and electric three-wheeler charge, while Electric 4W charge includes electric 4W commercial freight/cargo vehicles.

To begin with, ETO motors has already placed an order for 50 units of T3’s - the 4W cargo EVs from BYD to be deployed immediately. Over the next one-year, ETO Motors is expected to deploy 4,000 electric vehicles across 20 cities to service the logistics needs to online as well brick and mortar retailers.

There are more than three million cargo vehicles that circulate on Indian roads and there is an additional influx of these vehicles for a total of 0.70 million each year.

The introduction and adoption of electric vehicle charging will ensure that emission levels can be significantly controlled and can have a positive impact on the environment over time. The annual emission reduction for a cargo minivan with an average of 200 KM of travel per day is around 13,500 kg, saving 5,000 liters of diesel per day.

Ketsu Zhang, executive director, BYD India, said, “Logistics segment is one of the largest users of transportation and resultant addition to the emissions is significant, the usage is only increasing over time with improved road infrastructure and rapid urbanization and increasing consumer demand for retail products Companies now have a ready solution to help them with their own sustainability goals without having to invest into vehicle ownership. ”

Biju Mathews, chief executive officer, ETO Motors, said, “First Mile, Last Mile and intracity solutions from ETO motors is made possible due to full control over the EV ecosystem related to manufacturing, EV infra and recharging and battery production tie-ups, service agreements and partnerships with several city meters and ride-share companies. Addition of cargo EV’s in collaboration with global clean energy leader BYD, will help us service the sustainable supply chain logistic needs of retailers. ”

With many states introducing various policies and initiatives, the year 2019 had a total sales of electric vehicles of more than 7.5 lakhs, including two-wheel electric vehicles, three-wheel electric vehicles and passenger electric vehicles.