SC's order over Rafale is the victory of national security; Rahul Gandhi, Congress must apologize: BJP

NEW DELHI: The BJP launched a scathing attack on Congress leader on Thursday Rahul Gandhi after the Supreme Court gave a good response to the government and said he lied in Parliament and bent to the shameful point of mistakenly citing the upper court deliberately.

At a press conference at the party office here, the BJP leader and Union minister said that Congress and, in particular, its former president Gandhi should apologize to the country.

Praising the Supreme Court order on Rafale's agreement as a victory for the country, Prasad said: It is a recognition of the honest decision-making process of the Narendra Modi government ... Satayamav Jayete. The Congress party must apologize and Rahul Gandhi in particular must apologize to the country.

Hitting Gandhi and his family, he said: People who have a saga of corruption from the Jeep scandal to Bofors to Submarine to AugustaWestland, where they embark on a political program disguised in the pursuit of justice.

Raising false accusations about Rafale's agreement was the lowest point of the political discourse that was lowered to the shameful measure of mistakenly citing the supreme court deliberately, Prasad said.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court dismissed requests for review against its verdict in the Rafale agreement because they lacked merit, reiterating its decision to the Modi government in the fighter plane agreement with the French firm. Dassault Aviation .

The higher court also closed the plea for contempt against Gandhi for wrongly attributing to the higher court his chowkidar chor hai remark in the Rafale case against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The court said Gandhi's statements were far from true and that he should have abstained from that and could have been careful.