Lt. Col. Jyoti Sharma appointed as the first female officer of the JAG Army deployed on a foreign mission

NEW DELHI: Lt. Col. Jyoti Sharma has been designated as the first female judge general lawyer to be deployed on a mission abroad.

Indian army officials told ANI that she will be appointed military legal expert with the government of Seychelles .

Jyoti's main role would be to update the government of Seychelles officials on the defense and military act.

In September, wing commander Anjali Singh joined the Indian embassy in Russia as the first female military diplomat in India to be sent to any of the missions abroad. Singh joined his new mission as an attached air attache.

Prior to that, Wing Commander S Dhami became the first official woman in the country to become the Flight Commander of a flying unit.

The Flight Commander is the second in command of the unit, which means that she is number two in the unit after the Commanding Officer.

The Army is also preparing to recruit women in the Military Police Corps. In April, the Army had begun the process of inducing women as jawans by starting their online registration for recruitment into the Military Police Corps.

Women will be gradually induced to eventually commit 20% of the total Military Police Corps.

Currently, women are allowed in select areas such as medical, legal, educational, signal and engineering wings of the Army.

According to government data, the Army has 3.80 percent of its workforce as women, the Air Force has 13.09 percent and the Navy 6 percent.

It is clearly ahead of its sister services when it comes to employing women. The IAF has also commissioned official women to fly.