Launch of the first look of 'Anukunnadhi Okkati Ayyindhi Okkati'

the first glance of debutante Baalu Adusumilli and co-director Vijay Kamisetty's ‘Anukunnadhi Okkati Ayyindhi Okkati ’Launched recently.

Produced by Hima Velagapudi and Vegi Srinivas in Black&White Pictures and Poorvi Photos banners, movie stars Dhanya Balakrishna , Tridha Choudhury , Siddhi Idnani & Komalee Prasad in main roles. Producer Sudhakar Reddy unveiled the first glance from yesterday's movie.

Speaking on occasion, director Baalu He said: I thank Sudhakar Garu for releasing the first glance . the shoot for the film has been completed & post-production is on. We plan to release the film in December & it will tell the story of four girls living in Hyderabad. What happens when they visit Goa for a friend’s destination wedding is what the film’s all about.”

Además de the cuatro principales, la película también protagoniza Raghu Babu , Himaja, Raghu Karumanchi , Sameer & others in key roles. ‘Anukunnadi Okati Ayyindhi Okkati ’You'll see music for Vikas Badija & cinematography by Shekar Ganganamoni . More details are expected.