Accusations of corruption in Rafale's agreement with PM 'Malign' Modi, Congress should apologize: Rajnath Singh

TAWANG: Closing Congress after the Supreme Court dismissed the revision requests of Rafale, defense minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday he said the allegations of corruption were intended to defame the prime minister Narendra Modi and demanded that the party apologize for it.

The Supreme Court on Thursday gave a clean chit to the Narendra Modi government in the case, saying review petitions were without merit.

The court rejected the pleas that had requested a new examination of the verdict of December 14, 2018 that said there was no occasion to doubt the decision-making process in the acquisition of 36 Rafale fighter jets.

The allegation of corruption in was nothing but an attempt to malign the clean and honest image of image of PM Narendra Modi and his Government. The people of India will not forgive the Congress for their slanderous campaign and calumny. The Congress should apologize for misleading the people, he said while attending the Maitree Diwas celebrations at Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.

Maitree Diwas (Civil-Military Friendship) will be held for two days at Gyalwa Tsangyang Gyatso High Altitude Stadium in Tawang.

The accusations made by certain political parties and their leaders were extremely unfortunate, unjustified and attacked with malicious intentions. The verdict has rightly warned those politicians to be careful in making wild accusations, he said.

He said that the purchase of Rafale aircraft was carried out in a completely transparent manner, taking into account the urgency of updating and improving India's defense preparation.

Matters related to the preparation of defense and national security should never be politicized. I sincerely appreciate the categorical rejection of the Supreme Court of the petitions for review in the Rafale case and with this pronouncement the NDA government is vindicated. The SC verdict is also a judgment about our government transparency in decision making, he said.