Update from Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah November 13: Sodhi realizes that he forgot to organize the 'langar'

In the last episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Nattu Kaka and Baga receive a call from Sodhi , inviting them to the kirtan in Gurpurab the next day. Both are delighted and easily accept the invitation.

Jethalal you eat to the shop and finds the two enjoying. Nattu Kaka and Baga tell him that they have a holiday tomorrow as they are going to attend the kirtan. Jethalal cancels their holiday and tells them they would come to work after kirtan.

Nattu Kaka and Baga are disheartened. Later at night, Gokuldham residents are seen in the compound. Sodhi tells them the preparations for the function have been done. Mehta and others compliment Tapu Sena for the decoration.

Sodhi then gets a call from his friend, who asks him about langar the next day. Sodhi suddenly realises that he forgot to arrange for it. He disconnects the call and shares this with others. All the ladies and even the men decide to pitch in.

Jethalal seeks help from Baga to get the utensils from Gurdwara. Roshan calls Suneeta, the vegetable vendor. Abdul also offers them rice, oil, ghee, and everything else they need. They all go to the club house, and get everything there.

Madhavi and Komal get 'atta' from their house. They are grateful to God, since they could organize everything late at night. They decide to prepare the langar overnight for the sangat.