Indore ready for the India-Bangladesh test

Replicas of virat Kohli The number 18 shirt is one of the best selling items outside of Holkar and Nehru Stadium.

Before the Test series, street vendors from metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata have already started placing their stalls outside the stadium.

Rafiq Ansari, from Delhi, who has been in business for almost three decades, said: Among all the cities, Indore It is a place where I can do good business.

In addition to the T-shirts ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 150, these street vendors have been selling hats and caps that cost Rs 100 and Rs 80, the bands at Rs 10 and the flags go up to Rs 300 depending on the size.

Another street vendor, Sanjit Das de Kolkata, said he decided to put a stand outside the Nehru stadium as people came to buy tickets here and from Wednesday, they would move to Holkar stadium.

How this policeman dances handles traffic and selfies

Traffic police Ranjeet Singh, famous for his dance moves by Michael Jackson, who was deployed outside Holkar Stadium on Wednesday was in a difficult situation when his fans asked for a selfie and caused traffic jams.

The young people who had been waiting outside the stadium for the Indian team began approaching him to take selfies in the middle of the road, making it difficult for four-wheelers to pass. Singh had to ask them to move aside and forced themselves with selfies. Fans approach with a lot of love and I can't scare them away. But I also have to make sure I do my job, Singh said.

MPCA on the toes before game day

Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association (MPCA) has been alert making last minute preparations for the Test series. On Wednesday, more than 1000 tickets were sold per day.

The response for the tickets of the day has also been good and we expect a good turnout during the match, said MPCA president Abhilash Khandekar.

Efforts on to make Indore no.1 in sports too: Jitu

Indore is number one in terms of cleanliness and it should be in terms of sports as well, said cabinet minister Jitu Patwari on Wednesday while inspecting arrangements at Holkar Stadium.

He said that they are working on providing modern facilities to budding players and Indore will be ranked number 1 in sports as well. Talking about new stadium, I said, There is a place in Bijalpur available at low price and MPCA can buy it. MPCA has no dearth of money. I request it to make a big stadium which looks number one globally not just nationally.