The schoolgirl who is trying to save a pond and other stories.

Teen Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has made the world feel and think about how our actions affect the Earth. Our own youth surprised us when they came into effect during the floods in the State to help with relief efforts. In a world that has more than a good amount of problems, it is not surprising that many children today think deeply about problems and do an admirable job to face and overcome challenges. Young people seem to understand better than the previous generation that sustainability, joint work and mutual care are the key words in the future.n On Children's Day, when schools across the country celebrate the special spark of the little ones, We speak with a couple of bright young people in the State, who are fed by a social commitment and in their own way, are already doing an admirable job in several areas. . And as Bijisha Bijo, a young award-winning researcher, with surprising wisdom, says, we learn that life is not always about making money, but about the good we can do for others.

Akshaya Pradeep, Class 5, Holy Angels ICSE School, Thiruvananthapuram

Akshaya Pradeep is 10 years old, going to 30. The articulated class 5 student, whose ambition is to be an environmental lawyer, presents a difficult case for her beloved pond she is trying to save. The Charachira pond, near your school, will become a mini resort, with a shopping center, swimming pool, walkway and pedal boats, among other things. We are not against development, but it has to be sustainable, right? Question.

Akshaya, who is too busy to have a hobby but likes to study poems and gardening in her limited free time, takes time out of her schedule to go to other schools in the city to put pressure on student support and ecological clubs To save the pond. We are trying to create so much awareness and get the most support from students for this campaign, he says, adding that he hopes to work on a pyramid model, where the student representatives with whom he speaks will also spread the message to others and so on. Part of the plan is to ask the Governor on the issue. She says the campaign is going well and after their meetings with a couple of schools, they have said they will support her. Akshaya, whose idols are environmentalist Arun Krishnamurthy and British nature documentary filmmaker David Attenborough, became interested in environmental issues after she participated in a wildlife contest in Class 3 and began to read more about green issues. She is also trying to make her classmates share the message of trying to reduce the use of plastic straws.

Why do you feel you have to do this? “The biggest problem facing Mother Earth is the belief that everyone thinks that someone else will do this and nobody raises their voice. I love nature, so I am doing this. I hope to get others out of your comfort zone. It is no use that I raise my voice alone. I'm just the starting point and then we'll all work together, or be in danger, ”says the first class.

The girl with a solution for the water crisis.

Bijisha Bijo, first year BSc Química, Bharata Mata College


On Children's Day, Bijisha Bijo has an appointment with President Ram Nath Kovind and perhaps with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As one of the three main finalists in a science contest, she will make a presentation about a project that began when she was at the Cardinal HSS.

He became interested in the research when he was in Class 6 and worked in eutrophication, drainage cleaning systems, comparative studies on microbial cells, plastic manufacturing with Kanji water and finally in the desalination water project that has led to Delhi now. Along the way, her teachers always encouraged her, as they saw a spark in her and allowed her to miss classes at school while attending CUSAT and Bharata Mata College to investigate.

“It has been reported that the next world war will be over water. When the floods hit the State, it was the fishermen who went out to selflessly help those affected. When we hear that their homes in the coastal zone have a shortage of drinking water, how can we not help them? That's why I brought a prototype to Kadamakudy panchayat in Ernakulam. Panchayat officials said there was a drastic improvement in the quality of the water that I provided through my filtration system. Hearing that my work could benefit others offers me the greatest reward, ”says the young researcher, who has won awards at science fairs at the state level.

Bijisha says he believes in living a simple life and using the profits of his work for society. “When we do something beneficial for society, it leaves our signature forever and helps people. I research because I love to innovate and help others. My role model is my god, the best scientist the world has ever seen, ”she says.

The girl who happily abandoned her hair.

Anabell Antony, class 6, Bhavan’s Adarsha Vidyalaya, Ernakulam


Anabell Antony seems to be kind to someone who is only 11 years old. And then, you listen to what he does on Sundays and you can see why. Last year, the class 6 girl was so moved by her maid's sadness that she had lost her hair after being hit by cancer, who immediately signed up for a hair donation at the next PTA meeting .

The hair that was under the hip was cut to just above shoulder level. “At first I felt bad, but then I thought I was giving someone happiness and I felt good about it. I feel compelled to do something when I see someone suffering, even if they are in the street, ”she says.

On Sundays, the girl volunteers at an autistic home near her church. “The house is run by nuns; I went and asked them what I could do and they asked me to help the inmates with their food, so I used to feed an aunt and a Chettan who had trouble eating. We also donate food on family occasions, says the young woman, who wants to be a public official, so she can build homes for the poor.