Calcutta: 36-year-old prisoner forced into a car, raped in a group

KOLKATA: A 36-year-old epilepsy patient was allegedly raped in a group after being abducted a stone's throw from a shelter where she had moved just two days ago in Panchasayar, about 1 km from the MS diversion, in the early hours Tuesday .

The woman had left the shelter because she was having difficulty sleeping.

According to a complaint filed by the survivor's older sister, the survivor was near the house when she was forced into a car. She was allegedly raped several times in the moving car before being taken to an open field and raped again. Finally, the rapists headed towards Sonarpur, where they threw her near the train station a few hours later.

About five shelter staff members have been arrested for questioning, although none have been arrested yet.

Battered and bruised, she remained in the stunned area for about half a day, until a few passersby rescued her. Around 6 p.m., one of the rescuers, a woman, bought a suburban train ticket to Ballygunge. The survivor took a train and managed to reach her maternal aunt's house around 7 p.m., after having remained untracked for more than half a day.

The older sister told TOI that the survivor had a history of trying to escape, adding that this would not have happened if the shelter authorities had been more careful. My sister suffered a lot, she said. “He said the two men who kidnapped her were still talking about taking her to Khalpar. They took turns raping her inside the car. She was also taken to a field, where she was raped again. When they finally threw her out of the moving car, she received head injuries and was bleeding profusely. It was thanks to his rescuers that he managed to get to the house of our maternal aunt in Gariahat around 7 p.m. I learned what happened about 10-12 minutes later. She sobbed uncontrollably and was hurt everywhere. Just imagine the torture.

He added that the survivor had also managed to escape before the confines of his room. “On Monday, around 4:30 a.m., it went unnoticed and bought some food, according to the owner of the local store, Shampa Choudhuri. But she was tracked. Around 3 a.m. on Tuesday, he managed to open the back door lock with the help of a grinding stone that belonged to a roommate. He felt claustrophobic and could not sleep. He went down to the bypass, when he noticed a white car. The men pounced on her and forced her in.

She said she had admitted her sister to the house after her mother was forced to move there, after an accident.

The shelter home has no CCTV cover

The older sister said she had admitted the survivor to the shelter due to financial constraints and because it was not always possible for her to attend to her. “My mother has multiple leg fractures and has been bedridden for the past three months. I changed my sister here from another house due to financial restrictions. Being epileptic, she has seizures and it is not always possible for me to treat her, ”said the older sister.

The older sister approached the Panchasayar police station and housed a FIR around 11 p.m. M. Under specific sections of gangs, kidnappings and voluntary injuries, among others. The survivor was admitted to the NRS Medical College and Hospital, where she underwent several tests. His condition is stable.

Police believe that at least two or three people could have been involved in the crime. However, no one has been arrested so far. According to the police, the survivor had come to the house last Saturday after her mother stayed there on October 30.

The owner of the house, Hare Krishna Mondal, said the assistant, Astami Das, had gone to sleep at 1 in the morning. “He found the survivor sleeping at 2 am. But when he got up at 3.30 in the morning to change an inmate's bed, he found the missing survivor. She informed me through someone else, and we launched a hunt here. At 5 am, I informed his older sister, who rushed here. We finally filed a missing complaint at 9 am after all our searches were useless, ”he said.

Police said the shelter had no CCTV coverage. “We are trying to access images of some private CCTVs on the possible route to the Sonarpur train station. We have called the forensic team to find out if the survivor broke the lock or used a key to open it. The team will visit him on Thursday, ”said joint police (crime) commissioner Murlidhar Sharma.

The sources said at least five shelter workers, along with some drivers, were arrested for questioning. Among those questioned is Das, the assistant, whose statements had some inconsistencies, and Arup Haldar, the man who supplies food from the central kitchen to the shelter. The dumps of call logs in the area have also been collected.

(The identity of the victim to protect their privacy has not been disclosed according to the directives of the Supreme Court on cases related to sexual assault)